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What to Pack: Weekend Getaway

Posted by Unika Blog on

It's summer, and you know what that means? Getaways and vacations. Whether it's somewhere tropical, cold (no thank-you) or anywhere your wanderlust heart desires there's always the dreaded packing. And by this I mean throwing your entire closet onto your bed the night before and coming to the conclusion you have nothing to wear. 

That is why Unika has come up with a little what to pack guide when it comes to those weekend getaways, because we know packing light can be the most difficult words to hear. Some things to remember before you start: 

  • What bag you're bringing and how much room you'll have. Think about only bringing the necessities and choose your luggage accordingly.
  • Where are you going? Will you need bikinis or a winter jacket? You'll want the most versatile pieces that you can layer with the temperatures of your destination, i.e bikinis and coverups, longs sleeves and sweaters.
  1. A couple pairs of shoes. You'll want one for walking, those days of sightseeing, as well as a more formal pair you can wear to dinner or events.
  2. One pair of pants and one pair of jeans, since jeans can be worn on many occasions. You may also want leggings, or a more formal pair.
  3. Shirts and blouses. Always bring a tank, a couple tees (one plain, one more fun) and a blouse/shirt. Think in layers when you pack your tops!
  4. A couple shorts or even a skirt. Denim cutoffs are a must, and go with everything including more denim (Canadian tuxedo anyone?) Skirts are a nice option depending where you're headed.
  5. A dress. Always a dress. Decide whether you'll need a more casual or dressy option. 
  6. Weather depending items, i.e jacket, bikinis, kimono, etc. Limit these to your favourites.
  7. Hat, sunglasses and sunscreen!
  8. And of course our favourite and most versatile item, the scarf... make it a bathing suit wrap, lay it down as blanket, tie it up as a top, use it as a towel or wear it as a scarf :)

Finally, fold your clothes & carefully because room is valuable! Plus, extra room means that extra dress... Or shirt... Or...

Happy vacationing & getaways! Tell us where you're going this summer in the comments!

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