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10 Plus Ways to be Fashionably Canadian

Posted by Unika Blog on

With July 1st just around the corner we couldn't resist the urge to pull together a few stylish looks for any possible event.

The Classic stripe is a staple in every girl's wardrobe if you own stripes in Red & White Canada Day is the perfect opportunity to rock them proud!


Are you heading to the Beach to celebrate? If so, make sure to add the spirit into your swimwear.


Not sure where your going to be, but still want to show your patriotism. Just pull in a red accessory and wear any outfit. (Well, maybe not any outfit.)


A little sophistication, perhaps?
Anyone you know celebrating a wedding on our country's birthday? Try a red & white dress and kill two birds with one "dress." Hee hee... I couldn't resist that one!

Go for the full Sha-Bang and get those fingertips manicured!





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