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Natural Deodorant that WORKS!

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Deodorant That Actually Works: Commercial vs. Natural Deodorant

Chances are, applying antiperspirant or deodorant is part of your normal morning routine. But have you ever questioned what’s in commercial deodorant, and if it’s even really effective? Consumers are calling the ingredients of commercial products into question, and deodorants are no exception. 

But what’s the alternative? Using a natural deodorant, of course! However, consumers tend to believe that while natural deodorants may be more safe to use, they’re not as effective as their commercial counterparts. Nothing could be further from the truth! In fact, a high quality, natural deodorant like Pinch All Natural Deodorant can be more effective than commercial deodorant. Swapping out commercial deodorant for natural deodorant will protect you from harmful chemicals while still keeping you fresh. 


Protect Yourself from Harmful Ingredients

Ingredients in commercial deodorants have been linked to many harmful side effects, ranging from skin irritation to Alzheimer’s disease and cancer. And since these ingredients are being applied directly to the skin, they are even more harmful than simply ingesting them. When you metabolize chemicals, your body has a natural filtration process that reduces their potency. Chemicals applied to the skin, however, can absorb directly into the bloodstream without any filtration process. Women are especially susceptible to these chemicals, since their underarm skin is more likely to be broken by shaving. 

Almost all commercial deodorants and antiperspirants contain some form of aluminum. Over time, aluminum can accumulate in the brain and cause Alzheimer’s disease and other neurological disorders. Aluminum in deodorants and antiperspirants has also been linked to breast cancer. Furthermore, aluminum mining is harmful to the environment, destroying land and polluting waterways.

Commercial deodorants and antiperspirants are also usually made with parabens and cyclopentasiloxane. Both of these chemicals are known to disrupt the endocrine system, which can cause a whole host of hormonal issues. Additionally, parabens can irritate sensitive skin and cause contact dermatitis. 

The harmful effects of commercial deodorant ingredients don’t just stop at your own health. When you shower, the water washes away the chemicals of your skin care products and introduces toxins into waterways. These toxins are shown to have disastrous effects on marine ecosystems. 

On the other hands, natural deodorants like Pinch Natural Deodorant are made from sustainable ingredients like arrowroot powder and white kaolin clay, which naturally kill odor-causing bacteria at the source. These ingredients are not only safe for human skincare, but their production and disposal do not have negative effects on the environment. 


Deodorant That Actually Works

We’ve all experienced this: you start using a new commercial deodorant or antiperspirant and it’s working great. But a few months later, it’s barely working at all. What gives? Although there’s no clear reason why, commercial antiperspirants tend to lose their effectiveness over time. For this reason, experts recommend changing commercial brands at least every 6 months to maintain efficacy.

But it turns out, commercial deodorants and antiperspirants aren’t all that effective to begin with. The FDA requires that commercial brands reduce sweat by only 20% to be considered “all day protection”. “Extra strength” products, on the other hand, reduce sweat by a measly 30%. 

In contrast, Pinch Natural Deodorant is a deodorant that actually works. Pinch is incredibly effective, even with a very active lifestyle, and typically only needs to be applied once per day. And you know how commercial deodorants lose their efficacy over time? Pinch Natural Deodorant users have found that as they become more accustomed to using natural deodorant, they don’t need to reapply as often. So by switching to natural deodorant you are not only saving yourself and the environment from harmful chemicals, but you may also save a little money!

What About Sweat Stains?

We’re all familiar with the yellow stains that show up in the armpits of light coloured clothing, but did you know that they’re caused by the aluminum found in commercial deodorants and not your sweat itself? Switching to a natural deodorant will save you from embarrassing sweat stains!


Improve Toxin Removal

Our bodies sweat to rid us of harmful toxins. However, commercial antiperspirants only serve to block our body’s natural toxin removal system. Pinch All Natural Deodorant is made with white kaolin clay, which serves to draw toxins out from the skin, making your body’s natural toxin removal system more effective.

When you weigh the pros and cons, the choice is clear. Using natural deodorants like Pinch All Natural Deodorant is more healthy for you and the environment. Plus natural deodorants are actually more effective than their commercial counterparts. Oh, and did we mention that Pinch All Natural Deodorant comes in six scents, and they all smell amazing! Try Pinch All Natural Deodorant and experience the difference for yourself!

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