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Why Shop Consignment?

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Really the question should ask ~ Why Not Shop Consignment?

Top 5 Reasons to Shop Resale

Personal Style

When shopping consignment you are able to select one of a kind pieces - perhaps you find a lost treasure from another generation or an amazing leather bag at a huge discount. Whatever the piece, it will be these fashion finds that lend to creating a unique and personal style all your own. 


It's no secret that the landfills are burdened with heaps of perfectly wearable garments. Shopping consignment recycles these items, keeping them from turning to waste. I love the feeling that an article gets a second chance. As the saying goes "one person's trash is another person's treasure!"

Resale = Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!


Everyday at a consignment shop is like shopping a super sale at any other boutique. The prices are usually 70% off the retail price and in most cases barely worn. The best place to find designer items for a fraction of the price it would be new and you only pay GST. Who needs the box?! 

Spend less - Get more!


This is one of the biggest benefits of consignment. Each and every time you visit your local shop there will be something you haven't seen, as new stock is put out daily. Whether you are 15 or 75 or somewhere in between there is always something for every size and shape. Variety is the key ingredient to a great consignment store.


Shopping consignment keeps the money in the hands of the community. When an item sells you are helping support someone local. You could be helping put food on the table, assisting with tuition or providing savings to help fund a vacation or a dream. Also unsold items are given to local charities that benefit the community.


As and avid resale shopper I find it hard to believe the number of fashionistas who haven't swooned in on the opportunity of consignment.

Next time you are looking for an addition to your wardrobe think "green" and pop out to thumb the racks of a nearby consignment store. With so many unique and discounted pieces your sure to find a gem.






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