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The Guest List: Holiday Party Accessories

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A Touch of Velvet & Threaded Earrings

Whether it's a clutch, heel, or a part of your party look, velvet adds a sense of luxury and old-world vintage charm to the modern day. Keep your earring simple - yet still make a statement with dangling, treaded earrings. Loop them through twice, if you can, for an edge-y look.


Chunky Necklaces & Choker Mix
Easiest way to add something to your party look is with a chunky, statement necklace. Looks great on solids colours and under collars! Chokers are on trend, and paired with delicate gold stacking necklaces, liven up any neckline.


Cut Out Heels & Midi Rings
Walk tall in heels with cut outs, perfect for mini dresses, over tights, and even with your favourite pant. Stack on sparkle with little silver or gold midi rings. 

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