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How to Wear: Scarves

Posted by Unika Blog on

What would we do without scarves? To bundle, wrap around, tie up, keep us warm and our outfits on point. With so many styles, patterns and shapes it can be easy to just throw on and keep our style classic. But, with a little inspiration, scarves can be taken to new lengths.

• Longer rectangular scarves really have a lot going for them. You can wrap them up, or wrap just simply once around, twice around... etc. With the pattern variety - the less wrap the better to show off the print. But, as rules are meant to be broken, plaids looks cozy and on-trend when wrapped a number of times around and tucked in around the neck. Rectangular shapes are great for trying out different tying options like these ones here.

• Blanket scarves, or the-shawl like oversized shapes are great to wrap with. An updated look is to wear them shawl-like and ad your favourite belt. Keep out the chill and look a little more sophisticated.

• Square scarves look great wrapped with one of the points in the front. If you have a print, the better.

• Got smaller scarves you just don't know what to do with? Use them in your hair! Tie them around your purse! Try it as a belt! Tie it around your neck and be a parisienne for a day! The options are endless for you to be creative with your scarves!

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