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How to Wear: Belts

Posted by Unika Blog on

1. Just like the t-shit and jean, the buckle belt is a classic piece that you can effortlessly add to the combination. Keep it simple with differently dyed leathers and metal buckles or show off a statement piece. Easy breezy tees and cut offs work are easy to work with summer ensembles.
2. Practise the tuck, and tuck in that shirt! High-waisted jeans or skirts look put together with a skinny belt shown off. Unlimited colour + style combinations make this a great option to dress up or down.
3. Who said you actually had to buckle your belt? If it’s long enough - tie it up and give your outfit that something extra. Goes well over dresses at the waist or over skits: mini or maxi.
4. Scarves make great belts! Works best with the patterned variety over solid colours. Make your look really pop!

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