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Give Back Brand: Krochet Kids

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Krochet Kids: Empowering People to Rise

Krochet Kids first came to be when 3 friends learned how to crochet. They made themselves headwear for skiing trips and began selling a few of their hats around their home state of Washington. Locally, they became known as the ‘Krochet Kids.’ But when collage came, the friends went their separate ways. It wasn’t until they took up travelling to Uganda and Peru that they saw the potential to use crocheting as a way to change other people's lives...

Sparked by a need to bring resources to the people of Uganda and Peru, they taught the locals to crochet. What began with a few women, Krochet Kids has now grown to 150 women in Uganda and 38 women in Peru. By being able to work in a fair, safe and empowering environment these women can rise from poverty and transform their lives. They are able to invest in themselves by having:  a steady income, increased savings, access to healthcare, increased gender equality, and having their children attend school.

Every Krochet Kids item is made with hope for a better and brighter future. Your purchase allows this hope to turn into a reality.
Each hat is signed by the woman who made it.
Check out to find out who made yours and how you’ve helped in changing the lives of others.


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