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Calling All Mo's

Posted by Alison Cross on

We at Unika believe highly in Men's Health. Without great men's health there would not be, big or little brothers who have looked out for us in our times of need, or Fathers and Grandfathers to comfort us or make us laugh  with the old "Pull my finger" joke or loving husband who pretend not to know, that the shirt you say is "old and I have had this thing forever" is brand new and you just bought it.
So In honour of all the wonderful (& sometimes not wonderful) men in the world we have started a Movember team. 
Which means, in order to have a team we need team members, and to get team members we need people to sign up. We are looking to raise (hopefully) $2000 for men's health. Through personal donations and donations at the store, we would like to try to do our part.
If you have a Grandfather, Father, Husband, Brother, Half Brother, Son or anyone that can grow a Moustache please have them join our team and help us raise money for Men's Health.
We will also be giving away Prizes including but not limited to Limited Edition Movember TOMS (see upcoming photos both men's and women's styles) to members of our team that, help raise the most money, largest overall growth and best style.
So don't delay, Join Today. 
Join the MO Movement.
(P.s you don't have to be from our area to join, we will ship any prizes won to winning recipients)

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