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8 Ways to Transition A White Tank

Posted by Unika Blog on

1. Go with your favourite, cozy plaid shirt. When it gets too warm you can tie it around your waist!

2. The denim jacket and white tank may be the perfect combination. If you feel daring enough, try the Canadian tuxedo and do double denim.

3. Layers! Using your white tank as a base, try out all those fall pieces you've been patiently waiting to wear...

4. Don't put away your maxi skirts just yet. Tuck in your white tank and pair with a jacket or coat. Go with a blazer for dressier times or an army or denim jacket if you're staying casual.

5. For the warmer transitional days, top off your white tank with a big wrap around scarf.

6. We think vests are a little forgotten about! With an endless amount of styles, they're an easy option to work with.

7. The moto jacket. Nothing says fall quite like it and it always looks oh-so-good.

8. And finally for #8 the best way to transition white tanks for fall? Cardigans, the great staple.

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