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Summer Series Week 2: Canada Day

Oh Canada!!! 147 years old is getting up there, but you still know how to have a good time. Party all day and top off the night with a great fireworks display. Make sure to have a comfortable pair of shoes, a sun hat and don't forget that all important RED statement piece to show your Canadian pride.

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Summer Series Week 1: The Summer Solstice

Celebrate the longest day of the year by checking out your local Farmers Market. Look good buying those fruits and veggies in your favourite summer dress and a pair of wedges.

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Thanks to all those who donated to the Movember Unika Team.

  Unika helps grow the Movember campaign All of us at Unika would like to Thank everyone that donated to our Movember Team or at the store and got themsleves a great instant moustache. We managed to raise $763 for the cause. We are really excited with the response and can't wait until next year to grow at it again.

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Calling All Mo's

We at Unika believe highly in Men's Health. Without great men's health there would not be, big or little brothers who have looked out for us in our times of need, or Fathers and Grandfathers to comfort us or make us laugh  with the old "Pull my finger" joke or loving husband who pretend not to know, that the shirt you say is "old and I have had this thing forever" is brand new and you just bought it. So In honour of all the wonderful (& sometimes not wonderful) men in the world we have started a Movember team. ...

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